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NC Health & Bio Company has manufactured the first ultra-simple anti-slip spray in Korea from 2006 and is currently supplying it at home and abroad. 
Until now, our anti-slip spray products have been made by applying cutting-edge nanotechnology that is completely different from the tape method, and users have easily handled non-slips. 

Now, NC Health & Bio is leading the domestic and foreign market by introducing various anti-slip spray products for people and pet. 

Enjoy a safe life to prevent slipping with NC Health & Bio's various anti-slip spray products.

Thank you.

Best Products Maker for Human and Pet

 CEO. Don Kim

Company History

Introduction to the company's history of 20 years.

2020 -

In February 2021, Namyangju City was selected as a market pioneer in the U.S. (Chicago, Detroit) in 2021.

Year 2020
Change the name/logo and relocation of the office building in December 2020 (12.15(Tue)
Mission: NC Health & Bio Co., Ltd.
Address: 9, Jaejae-ro 190beon-gil, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do (526-2)
In July 2020, Kakao Channel's opening of Eco-Man Choice
July 2020 My Pet Fur (7.10 Gold–12th, Songdo Convensia) Participated
Anti-Slip Spray for Pet <Eco-Man Choice Vol.I Anti-Slip> Product First Entry
July 2020 NCI Anti-Slip Spray for Companions <#ECOMAN CHOICE Vol.I MiVance> Launched

2010 -


December 2019 NCI deodorizer <#Please deodorize> 250 ml release and Noroo paint supply

June 2019 NCI, anti-slip agent "#Must-have" product seller, supplied to Atoritail Corp.

 It's just right for me.


NCI, registered superhydrophilic photocatalyst nano-coating agent brand '#Glaschon' (No. 40-1378501) in July 2018

June 2018 NCI, Excellent Small and Medium Business Marketing Competition (6.14 to 16 Saturday, KINTEX) Participated

NCI Anti-Slip Agent NonslipQ 'Lotte Dotcom' Sold in January 2018 


November 2017 NCI Eco-Friendly and Anti-Slip Products Singapore Big Box (BIG BOX) Entry

NCI Anti-slip agent brand "#MIVANX" registered in October 2017 (No. 40-1292741) 

NCI anti-slip agent "#Ultra NonslipQ" released in June 2017

May 2017 NCI Photocatalyst, Greenfield's Object Air Purifying Tile Products Applied

April 2017 NonslipQ, ASEAN DAY Participation (4.27 neck, KINTEX)


July 2015 Corporate Name Change: NCI-> NCI KOREA Co., Ltd.


Eco-friendly snow removal liquid #MivanShul released in February 2013


In September 2012, Ivy Room Air Clean and Toy Disinfection Spray "#KIDS-Schon" was released

September 2012 Cypress 100% Natural Extract Spray '#Hinos' Released

September 2012 Wooden Flooring Anti-Slip Agent 'Mivanx' Launched

June 2012 Anti-slip agent for wood flooring "#NonslipQWood" released


October 2011 Anti-Slip Agent #NonslipQ Noroo Paint ODM Supply

June 2011 Anti-slip agent NonslipQ gift set released

May 2011 Eco-friendly Interior Business Commences


NCI Mall ( opened in October 2010 for NCI products

May 2010 SME HIT 500 selected: NonslipQ, Kaershen

2010 -

March 2009 Housing Specialist Shopping Mall 'iHouse' (
China branch opened in January 2009

In March 2008, the Seoul Business Agency (Sba) selected a beneficiary of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Internet Trade Support Project.
Car interior deodorizing spray launched in January 2008

In December 2007, Soongsil University signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with a global trade expert training team.
Organized by the Korea Technology Exchange in November 2007 and selected as a target company for overseas technology trade support projects in 2007.
Early January 2007: Simple anti-slip agent 'nonslipq' released

Release of silver nano-related household goods in May 2006
Small and medium-sized enterprises selected as export enterprises in March 2006

'Silvergen' is a high-tech #silvergen solution released in October 2005.
In April 2005, the Korean Intellectual Property Office selected one of the 100 best patent products.
Acquired certification mark of Korea Photocatalyst Association in February 2005

September 2004 Small and Medium Business Administration Excellent New Product Selection: Air Shen
In early August 2004, a hydrophilic coating agent 'glaschon' was launched and photocatalytic spray '#Airschon' was launched.
Establishment of a corporation in Seoul, April 2004
Titanium dioxide sol production for photocatalyst in February 2004

For 2003 11 11 scr SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction)
U.S. Patent Acquisition (us6517804b1) 02/2003

August 2002 Photocatalyst Manufacturing Patent for Expanded Non-Surface Area (No. 0350226)
Manufacturing Patent using Titanium Sulfate Water Solution (No. 0343395)

Certification of New Technology in the Lutyl Type Low Temperature Uniform Sedimentation Act (No. 2001-010)

Company Name : NC Health & Bio Co., LTD

CEO : Don Kim
Address: 9, Jaejae-ro 190beon-gil, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do 

Tel : +82-2-733-5599

Mobile : +82-10-8359-4411

Business Registration No. 668-86-00149

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