Anti-slip products by type
Introduction to Anti-Slip Product Technology

Etching type for stone mateaials


 It is a colorless, odorless solution that increases the coefficient of friction by 300~500% forming 2 to 6 micrometers on the surface of the floor, which contains silica (sand) such as tiles, marble, terrajones, and cement.


  • Applicable on all the finishing materials that contains silica.
  • Prevents deformation and maintains original gloss and color of substrate through micro-etching.
  • Materializes much better result(0.9) than the standard requirements of the coefficient of friction (0.6) for stable floor based on the ASTM C1028.
  • As it is applied by etching mechanism rather than taping or coating, maintains semi-permanent effect with only one application.
  • Even the surface becomes slippery during use by contamination, non-slip property can be recovered and maintained easily by cleaning the surface with detergent.
  • It is very convenient because of simple spray application and also before and after treatment procedures are very simple, so anyone can apply by oneself.
  • Economical product to prevent accidents from occurring with inexpensive cost.
  • Anti-slip effect is outstanding even the surface is covered with water layer.

3.Place of Use

 Home, hotel, motel, hospital, school, building, cafe, restaurant, kitchen, supermarket, shopping center, health club, nursing home, kindergarten, bathroom, swimming pool, public building, airport, factory, library, toilet, etc.

4.Applied Floor Materials

 It can be used for all stone materials such as tiles, marble, ceramics, terrazzo, granite, cement, etc. It is especially effective at preventing slipping on wet floors.

5.Application method

  1. Wear rubber gloves, clean the floor with detergent, and wipe or dry the floor. (Remove water, grease, etc.)          
  2. Spray it directly with a container or spray the solution evenly on the floor using a pump-type spray. (No need to spray multiple times)
  3. Leave it on the floor for 10 to 15 minutes after application.(A long period of time may affect the etching degree and color of corrosion.)
  4. Wash it with water, a scrubber, a mop, etc.(To prevent product from remaining)  (Plastic brush recommended, do not use iron scrubbers)
  5. If you test the friction force by applying force on your feet in slippery conditions with water, it can be confirmed immediately that it has been non-sliped.

Paint type possible for all flooring materials

(1) Introduction

It is a transparent nonslip paint spray product that easily prevents slipping and can be used in any flooring material.

(2) Characteristics

The characteristics of this product protect the surface of the floor at the same time as the anti-slip function and prevent foreign substances such as dirt from getting stuck in the gap of the flooring, creating a pleasant environment. It is also as durable as regular paint.

(3) Applicable Places

A family with children or old people, a slippery floor. Hospitals, nursing homes, cafes, daycare centers, silver hospitals, etc.

(4) Applied Floor Materials

Slippery flooring such as flooring, decoying, vinyl flooring, etc.

(5) Application Method

  1. Clean the floor. (Complete removal of other substance and moisture) 
  2. Cover major furniture on the wall with vinyl.   
  3. Turn the sprayer lever to the "ON" position and sprinkle it on the floor. 
  4. (Standard usage: 200-300ml/㎡)   
  5. Keep curing time for at least 8 hours and avoid work during the high humidity (over 80%) summer.  
  6. Avoid contact with water on treated surfaces for the first 3 days

Pine resin type on wooden floor

(1) Introduction

A product that prevents skidding of the floor by simply applying it to wood flooring materials. If the nonslip effect decreases, use it repeatedly.


Applicable to all wood flooring 

Easy to prevent safety accidents in advance

(3) Applicable Places

This product can be used on all floors made of wood, such as flooring of a home, dog cafe, gym, gym, badminton stadium, basketball court, etc., and reinforced flooring

(4)Application Method

 ① Remove dust from the floor.   

 ② Spray widely to spread the contents evenly.

 ③ Wipe with a soft micro-fiber towel or a dry mop.

 ④ Leave it for a while until it dries.

 ⑤ If the anti-slip function disappears, spray it repeatedly.

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